Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Indian Night Out

Ever since the wife and I went to an Indian restaurant, we've talked about bringing the kids to one. They are quite adventurous when it comes to food, especially the little girl. We've tried lots of different cuisines before like Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Japanese but this was the first time we took them to an Indian restaurant. We like exposing the kids to different kinds of food. We sort of discourage them from refusing food the first time without even tasting it just so they can appreciate new things.

We were already out and about the other afternoon because of a birthday party the boy was invited to so we decided to make an evening of it as well. After the party, we found Charminar, the closest Indian restaurant. It was lucky we came early and found a table because soon the restaurant began filling up. The restaurant itself was small but well presented. The girl noticed that there were candles used all around and she remarked that it most energy saving restaurant she's been too.

We started with some appetizers of a selection of tandoori meats and samosas. Then we had the mains of butter chicken, beef malabar with jasmine rice and naan bread. The girl like the mild curry of the butter chicken. Unfortunately, the boy thought it was too spicy and he ended up eating only the naan bread and rice. It was a good meal and I especially liked the beef curry with the tender pieces of wagyu beef which just melts in the mouth. With it's mixture of spices, I don't think it's something I can replicate at home at all.

The kids were well behaved and we kept reminding them that it was a "posh" restaurant so they were at their absolute best. As the night wore on, they understandably got a bit restless but good thing we had some activity books that they got into while waiting in between dishes.

All in all, a good evening, despite the girl having a little too much spice too soon. She sort of complained about her tummy when we were finishing up the meal but we needn't have worried. In the end she still said she really liked the food!

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zaizee said...

How fun! You and the kids exploring with different cuisine. I've just had my first taste of Indian food, too. There was this food fair at Balboa Park in San Diego called Taste Of Asia which was awesome. I bet you would've enjoyed that as well, Manong. Wish I could write food reviews as good as you. lol

The kids look so cute as usual. Oh, I miss Biankikay and Nico! :)