Friday, November 02, 2007

Hard of Hearing

Our girl's been sick early this week. She's all fine now but somehow she's gotten hard of hearing. We think she might have had an ear infection and there might still be fluid in her ear. She can still hear but we have to repeat everything we say and sometimes have to talk louder to her. She's coping well enough but if she's still like this next week we might have another visit to the doctor to be sure it's not glue ear or something like that. For now, we have to get used to the louder TV and being a bit louder for her sake.

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zaizee said...

poor biankikay.. I hope its nothing permanent cz we do have something like that in the family. Remember dad would always have the TV volume put up real high? lol Get well soon, bianca!

Hoi Mng Chaz, we saw the food shots on your flickr. It got me and Mng Fritz drooling for a minute or two.