Saturday, July 07, 2007

Time to Brag Again

Recently, my daughter got an award at school! I know, I know .... here I go again, tooting my proud parent horn, hahahaha. So if you're all getting tired of this, look away now!

But here's the deal, she was asked early this week to emcee the school assembly to be held on Friday morning. And when her teacher gave us the script to practice that Monday morning, we started practicing it every night as a family. The little boy even participated by holding the toy microphone for her as she practiced her script, standing in the middle of the living room. Although she was asked to speak in front of the whole school before, this was the first time she had more than a dozen speaking parts. And she did it with so much confidence, it really was amazing to watch! The teachers were so impressed with her public speaking skills, she also got an award for it at the end of the assembly.

When I picked her up from school at the end of the day, she mentioned that when she got back into the classroom after the assembly, the whole class gave her an applause. And that made her really happy. And so to reward her for this great achievement, I gave her a choice .... a snack to buy and eat at home, a kids' video to rent, or a snack to have in the cafe. She chose to have a snack at the cafe, finishing it off with gelati .... so unusual on a cold, rainy, winter day! But hey, who am I to complain .... she did a great thing and did not ask much in return. Am I glad she's not one of those kids who will always ask "what's in it for me?" with every thing we ask them to do. I hope she keeps up this kind of attitude for a long, long time.

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