Thursday, August 10, 2006

Japanese Tonkatsu

Japanese Tonkatsu
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Another cooking post. Tonkatsu is easy to make as long as you got the right Japanese breadcrumbs. Pair it with instant miso soup, sliced cabbage with dressing it's almost an authentic Japanese meal. Don't forget the secret ingredient...


wendell said...

hi chaz! thanks for dropping by my blog!

im not a neighbours fan myself. but i'll watch it to support a fellow pinoy.

by the way tonkatsu is my favorite japanese dish when i was a student at the university of tokyo during the mid-1990s.

and dumaguete is my 2nd home! i was a fellow during the 28th silliman writers workshop in 1989 under edith and edilberto tiempo, marjorie evasco, merlie alunan and cesar ruiz aquino. i have many friends from silliman: moses atega, ian casocot, alwin anfone, belen calingacion, irene villanueva, michael d. locsin, marissa bejar, lakambini sitoy and so many others!

chaz said...

Hi Wendell, Thanks for dropping by too. I actually got on to your blog via Ian's blog as well. Just happy to connect with fellow Pinoys down under. I have to admit I don't know many of your friends in Dumaguete as I don't travel along the literary circles.

However, I did graduate from UP so we got another connection there. :)