Sunday, December 11, 2005

Salvation Army Christmas

We got invited to go to our local Salvation Army's kids Christmas celebration today. My wife brings our kids to the Salvos playgroup regularly these past few years and we never fail to go to these Christmas celebrations. It was nothing fancy, just merely a chance for us to join in the kids songs and watch them perform. There was a nativity scene presentation as well as visit from Santa Claus. I guess it's merely a way for the Salvos to show appreciation to all the kids and families that join in their fellowship this past year.

The kids had fun getting pressies from Santa and playing with some of their friends. Bianca got a set of ballerina stationery which she really liked because she said that Santa knew she wanted to be a ballerina. Nico got a book which I know he'll learn to read someday. In the meantime, he was just happy to run around with the children.

As kids, even the littlest things really are well appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Am glad you got to go to parties like this, am sure the kids will look forward each year.
by the way, try to take a family picture in your Christmas tree every year. The only time you get a new Christmas Tree is when Bianca and Nico can reach the top and be able to put the star on the top. You will see how fast the kids grow!! Take it from me- the Lola,as always
love you all, miss you
lola etts

chaz said...

Thanks Mom! Bianca really enjoyed your comment about the reading stuff. She thought it was funny that all of us read in different ways.

We'll see about taking a Christmas tree picture soon. We love and miss you too!