Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Reading Excellence

Bianca's teacher at kindergarten came up to me today to tell me that Bianca is doing very well with her reading skills. She mentioned that one time Bianca even read out a book to her classmates. Bianca came home with a 'WOW' sticker on her hand that day for this worthy achievement.

Her teacher was so amazed at this that she mentioned this to another teacher in the reception level (or grade 1) and said they were very also impressed. Apparently there are kids much older than her cannot even read that much. She's quite sure that she will be in the advanced level of reading and that the teachers in her next school will be able to pick that up and be able to give her reading materials that will continue challenge her.

My thoughts .... I guess all those nights of reading books to her paid off. So much so that she's reading books like Dr. Seuss' books to me now, and most especially to little brother Nico. Its also rubbing off on Nico who loves to copy her, so now I find him reading books on his own now. Having a love for books and reading is something I've always wanted my kids to have. It feels great to be validated and acknowledged as a good parent and that we are doing right by our kids.


Anonymous said...

congrats Bianca!! you made your Lola etts very proud of you for being a good reader!!

Anonymous said...

your Dad when he was much younger than Nico always ask for "book, didi" meaning when he takes his bottle of milk you much read him a book. Your Uncle Tater has "book, lamay" meaning he takes a bottle of milk with sugar in it or sometimes only water with sugar and read a book, while your Uncle Frits has "book and coke" while drinking a bottle of coke we have to read him a book. Your Auntie Zai
does her reading in the TV-the Sesame street- and can memorize the Mr. Dugan movie!!All the kids cannot go to sleep without reading a book or comics, or anything they can read!!
With the reading excellence of Bianca, its more than a shining glory for you and Chaz- keep it up!! Your are doing great as parents!!Contrats to you both

mommy etts