Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Winter Flu 2005

I was sort of expecting this but it's hit me hard today. The little girl got sick Sunday night, and was not well on Monday. My wife went to work and I decided to work from home to take care of her. My wife brought the little boy to day care and I was left alone with our sick girl.

Today, the virus jumped to me and I'm suffering the full effects of it. I've got a headache, blocked nose, aching joints, fever, the works! I'm spending my time just checking work email and trying to do as little as possible. Which is not a good idea considering that the little girl is still not fully well and she's staying home with me,

At any rate, I'm all medicated to the gills and hopefuly I can have a little strength to do my daughter's biddings.

It's going to be a long day....

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zaizee said...

get well soon bro! and also to bianca.. poor you, hope you'll feel better anytime soon. oh, we got a new puppy. he's name is shushi, a black poodle with white fur on his little chest and about 10 strands of it on his forehead.. LOL.