Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Family Holiday 2005!

We're going on a family holiday next week. We're taking the kids up to Sydney for a few days and I sure am looking forward to it.

I know they've been on trips before but it's good this time around as I believe they are old enough to appreciate the experience. Speaking of growing up so fast, kids really have a tendency to do that.

Only today my wife was telling me about how my girl was already sharing her ice cream with her brother. She went ahead, took the spoon and started feeding him right out of the same bowl. We do try to impart the value of sharing with them so I hope this sticks.

The boy on the other hand is finding his voice. He's learning so many words and he's just being very, well, such a boy. Like yesterday, the two kids were fighting over a toy and he goes up to his Mom and shouts "Bad! Bad!" while pointing to his sister.

Yesterday, he started calling out our names. I pointed to myself, he yells "Daddy!", I point to his mom, he yells "Mommy!". I point to his sister, he yells "CACA!" hehehe Well, 2 out of 3 aint bad.

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