Thursday, July 15, 2010

Everything's Big in Texas

Our time in Texas was a whirlwind of shopping and eating as you'd expect from a Vidal family vacation.

We got to explore San Antonio for a bit, remembering the Alamo ( and the San Marcos outlet shops! ) and all that. But, we spent our days in Mcallen bonding with the huge extended family we have over there. It just felt like our own version of Canday-ong Road just got transplanted in the heart of South Texas!

We discovered the joys of Taco Palenque, Klondike Bars and Church's Chicken; the retail madness that is Sam's Club, Walmart and Best Buy; and the endless choices in HEB. We spent a weekend getting sunburnt at Schlitterbahn and enjoying the quintessential American road trip to Corpus Christi and back.

What we thoroughly enjoyed the most though was the company of family. The connections and relationships that you miss in the intervening years.

Can't wait to see you guys again hpefully next year!

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