Saturday, November 22, 2008

Garage Sale!

Garage Sale
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We've been accumulating so much stuff over the last few years. Most of it is clothes and toys that the kids have outgrown. About a few weeks ago we decided to go ahead and have a garage sale to at least try and get rid of some of it.

I advertised in the local paper and the wife and I spent over a couple of weekends to sort and lay out stuff we were going to sell. On the day, we had our friends help out with putting up some signs around the neighborhood as well help man the sale.

There were quite a few early birds who dropped by to have a browse even while we were still setting up but there weren't so many throughout the day. Even though we advertised it we didn't really end up getting rid of a lot of stuff. We think it's probably because our house isn't exactly on a main road and it takes a while to find the street we live in.

We did sell a few things at the end of the day but not enough to really clear out our ever messy garage. We ended donating some and packing up a couple of larger boxes to send back to the Philippines for our relatives.

It was fun though and maybe we'll have another crack at it. Maybe after a few more years of accumulating stuff. :)

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