Sunday, June 10, 2007

Air Guitar!

We Just had a fun time with the kids tonight. Sometimes, we'd put on music while we put the kids to sleep. Normally, it would be some slow and light kids music or classical music. Just soft enough for them ( and us ) to get drowsy to. This time, they were still in a playful mood ( which is often the case ) and I decided to put on The Police's greatest hits. Wouldn't you know it, they actually liked the music and they to listened and sang along to "Every Breath You Take" and "Do Do Do Da Da Da". The boy liked it so much that he did the impromptu air guitar! He even did the high spin jumps off the bed. I even taught him to do the 3 finger rock salute! It was really fun to watch the kids just strumming their air guitars and shouting out the Do Do Do chorus.

It really reminded me of when I was growing up and my brothers and I had the pretend air guitars and air drums! Now, if only I could remember what we actually 'sang'. :)

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bongu said...

now, i'm all for letting the child in us let loose once in a while in healthy doses. but there's just something wrong with my mental picture of chaz rockin' out in guitar :0) kidding...I guess am just not really a guitar person. now, drums are whole different discussion....[tudug-tug-dug...clang!]