Saturday, November 05, 2005

Kid Funnies Part 5

This afternoon, our daughter goes up to us and says, "I have another rhyming word, Mommy and Daddy!"

"What is it?", we ask.

"Poem and Moem!", she exclaims.

I scratch my head, "What's a moem, Bianca?"

In a matter of fact voice, she answers, "A Moem is like a Poem, only thicker!"

I just had to laugh out loud at her sense of logic. At least she gets what rhyming words are.


Dominique said...

Er, I don't get it? Bianca (Moem) is thicker than Chaz (Poem)? Hmmm....

chaz said...

lol! Do be honest, I have no idea what a Moem is, but just another made up word by Bianca. She just put the definition together in her head. Which is quite funny.

how's the novel coming along?